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Updated: Jan What is AVCS? There are several ways that engineers can improve the performance and efficiency of engines. Camshafts, which determine when intake and exhaust valves open, are typically best suited to certain engine speeds and load conditions.

In some cases, it would be better for a valve to open earlier advance or later retard than the camshaft would normally dictate. Subaru engineers created a system that allows the camshaft to advance and retard its timing so the valves can be made to open and close at the optimal time for different situations. You can read more about this system and its operation here.

What does this mean for you? It is possible to use these engines in place of a USDM EJ since they are "plug and play" and will run with no modification necessary. However, they will not perform to their full potential unless the necessary wiring for AVCS is added and the engine control computer is changed for an AVCS-compatible unit.

This wiring, coupled with a compatible ECU and a proper tune, will allow the engine to perform optimally in your Subaru. What about single vs dual AVCS? Single AVCS changes the valve timing on the intake camshafts only. Dual AVCS changes the valve timing on both the intake and exhaust camshafts. Dual AVCS was introduced on newer engines than are covered in this article, but the principle is the same.

An easy way to tell is to look at the timing covers. AVCS-equipped engines have a bulge in the timing cover on the cylinder 1 and 3 head. Which engine did I buy? Good question. Importers are sometimes not up to speed about the differences in Subaru engines.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Craigslist ads and eBay listings sometimes contain inaccuracies. This engine requires a complete swap of most of the parts from a USDM 2.

We will have a detailed blog post describing this process coming in the near future. This is because the AVCS wiring already exists on the engine and all you'll need to do is get communication from the ECU out to the engine. This process is very straightforward because the basic setup of these engines is almost identical to the non-drive-by-wire JDM WRX and STi engines. Recent Posts See All.Jump to content. Posted 08 July - PM. Back to top 5 Dizi86 Dizi86 New Member.

I would have gone to the kitchen, collected a brown bag, dropped my dacks, pinched off a loaf in said bag, done up dacks, stickytaped bag, placed bag in envelope, and mailed it right to your face for being such a tool. Posted 09 July - AM. Off memory one bolt is different the 4bolt had a stud to the starter on the 2. I believe its an issue using an 8 bolt box with a 4 bolt block, but you definitely don't have to do anything the other way around.

It's no issue. You tap a thread in the bolt hole and use a bolt. OR wind a stud in. OR drill the back of the bellhousing slightly to accept a bolt head and push it through from behind. There's plenty of solutions. Sorry, I didn't mean issue as in "shit, this thing ain't gunna fit", but rather it's more effort than just bolting everything back together the same way you took it apart.

Community Forum Software by IP. Board Licensed to: SubyClub. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Im thinking 4 Kicker 15" L7 solos with lost of splits and amps. Posted 08 July - PM Hey guys!

First and formost im new to Subarus and after a bit of info. How much would i have to change to get the car running again with the EJ25 i guess is my question? Any info will be greatly appreciated!! Posted 08 July - PM unless its am impreza? Subyclub, The place where random internet weirdos become good mates.

Posted 08 July - PM ah yeah, Liberty driver through and through here. Yeah sorry should have mentioned its an impreza RX 2. Posted 08 July - PM There wouldn't be any need to change the gearbox. Your biggest issue would be the ecu, without a tune there's a good chance you'll blow the 2.

It's ok, sometimes when we herp, we also derp. Posted 08 July - PM would a 2. Posted 08 July - PM There was a young bloke that put a 2. But I don't know what happened to it! Posted 08 July - PM 2. Posted 08 July - PM Im in albury nsw.Jump to content. Posted 29 March - PM. Back to top 3 Monkman08 Monkman08 New Member. The problem i have is a pretty long one.

Subaru EJ engine

I cooked the ej Blew the gaskets and the heads will probably need to be machined. To replace the gaskets and machine the heads. The engine had just done over k. I thought it would be heaps easier.

Some bad advice given to me. Without changing the ECU and Loom. I managed to pickup an EJ25 with only 30k's on the clock.

Ive heard from a subaru guru that just replacing the intake manifold should do the trick. I just don't know if the EJ20 manifold would fit on to the ej25 block. Manifold should just drop on The only thing you need to be careful with is cam trigger wheels and things like that I can't see any of that stuff being different.

It sounds too good to be true haha. So many people reckon otherwise. The engines are basically the same apart from the bore size. If you or know someone who has done this. Id much rather the EJ25 over the EJ Thanks for your help BTW. You might run into issues with the ECU though. The earlier ECUS were able to handle this swap but im not so sure about a newer one.

Back to top 9 Monkman08 Monkman08 New Member. Back to top 11 Monkman08 Monkman08 New Member. Posted 30 March - AM. Posted 07 April - PM. If all the parts are from the 06'' model range then all the ancillaries, heads, etc should bolt straight onto the 2. Combustion chamber volume is smaller on the 2lt heads but not enough to be a problem. The 2. The ECU need to be swapped by a Subaru service centre as they require re-coding. Other than that, it's a straight forward swap. Posted 18 May - AM.

Community Forum Software by IP. Board Licensed to: SubyClub. Please log in to reply.The Subaru EJ engine is a series of four-stroke automotive engines manufactured by Subaru. They were introduced inintended to succeed the previous Subaru EA engine. The EJ series is the mainstay of Subaru's engine line, with all engines of this series being valve horizontal flat-fourswith configurations available for single, or double-overhead camshaft arrangements SOHC or DOHC.

EJ20N runs on compressed natural gas. All engines listed below were installed with a turbocharger and an intercooler :. Is not actually a valid code from Subaru, but is mostly used by enthusiasts and mechanics to describe the entire line of turbocharged engines that have been available over time. The practice began with the designation of the USA-spec turbo, commonly referred to as the EJ22T, and the habit of referring to any turbocharged engine as a "T" began.

When referring to the EJ20T, one is speaking of one of the following:. All these engines have the air-to-water intercooler setup chargecooler and close deck blocks equipped with piston oil squirters. This updated type of EJ20G was used in all WRX models since earlycylinder head is equipped with hydraulic lifters compared to the rocker arms used in the previous EJ20G. Pistons in this type of EJ20G are all cast aluminum. Closed-deck engine block equipped with piston oil squirters was used until mid Followed by Open-deck block equipped with piston oil squirters was used very short period of time, Followed by Open-deck block from until mid when the first EJ20K WRX engines came out.

The open deck block on all EJ20G could be identified by a smoother surface, and a tab on the right surface of the block halves. Generally these engines all have the slanted intercooler. These engines also feature STI factory 8. These engines can be identified by smooth valve covers, plug leads and a wasted spark coil in the middle of the intake manifold. The engine utilizes an IHI ball-bearing turbo unit. This engine series is used for WRX models in the world market outside Japan as of The EJ has an compression ratio.

The EJ has an 8. V7 are single scroll, AVCS, throttle by cable, top-feed injectors, engines. The TGV are deleted from the factory. No immobilizer. The engine speed is limited from the factory at rpm. V8, 9 are twinscroll, AVCS, throttle by cable, topfeed injectors, engines. There are no TGV's, the intake manifold is one piece.

The spark plugs are specified one step colder, compared with other Sti. The turbo is a VF Although to some V Even more from imported models.

There were no transponder chip's inside the transmitter housing case. It is possible that the losses while using it are smaller. Many have an additional intake air temperature sensor by the throttle body. Its function has been discussed but not completely clarified. The power steering pump is different.Posted: Thu Apr 28, pm.

My girlfriend and i recently bought a LGT, She seemed to have a bit more power than normal, and upon further investigation i found that it has a ej20x engine and trans She as all stock autos is slow as molasses frombut once you it around 3k rpms and hit boost you go and you go quick. My only thing is she needs a tune, she flutters rpms around 4k Car was bought in orlando florida, is the light blue color, has been in an accident, passenger side front previously, has a COBB vinyl on the hood over the passenger headlight, and a full catback exhaust, with a jammed 6-disc.

If anyone knows whos car this was, or has any advice on where to start with the tune that would be great, couldnt find alot on the EJ20X by way of base maps last night when i looked around rom raider for a few hours.

Posted: Fri Apr 29, am. Ok so logged the car for a bit today and kept doing this around rpms Google Docs log with graphs attached Suspect area highlighted in teal, thing that seem wrong highlighted in red, Any help would be great. If need be i can submit the log in a different format, however i dont have excel or anything so i have no way to edit it down. Initially I'd be tempted to smooth out the timing table a bit more and fix the KCA table.

It's using a flat 3. Are you sure it's a VF38 and maybe not a VF40? If that's the case I wonder what the exhaust cams are at, i recall some of them are at full retard if there's no signal and that would be holding you back for sure.

Might be worth pulling the timing covers off to see what's in there - if it's the dual AVCS then it could be they've moved the cams round or something else to fix the retard or they've not bothered because it starts and drives.

Or is it possible they've used the ej20x block but kept your 2. Rom raider locked up As for your questions Just looked at the turbo Dont know why you would take a 38 off that motor but whatever i guess. And after looking at the differences in the tunes of my rom and a stock jdm 2. Posted: Fri Apr 29, pm.

Also dont know if the jdm and adm ecus are "the same" for my purposes Posted: Sat Apr 30, am. Also question, cause im used to evoscan for the GTs, when logging, is it normal for knock sum to never go back down? Cause when i log knocksum on GTs it hits, then goes away. But on these it starts at 0, then after a while ill get to 1, then after a while it will go to 2, ect.

Last visit was: Mon Apr 13, pm. Page 1 of 2. Previous topic Next topic. Last edited by Subalu on Fri Apr 29, am, edited 1 time in total. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Last edited by Subalu on Sat Apr 30, pm, edited 2 times in total. Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 4 guests. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.HI, I have a Subaru Legacy 2.

I was wondering if i would need a japanese ecu to go with the motor, or would mine work if i just transferred it over to the new motor? Thank you. I will describe a scenario that will work and you can then judge your actual circumstances based on that. The initial issue is not the "country of origin" but rather whether the block and heads are identical, in every respect, to what you already have, preferably with the same casting numbers. If the casting numbers are not the same, you have to check and make sure that that all the mounts both mounts to the car frame and accessory mounts are identical.

If they are not identical, obviously it will not work because it will not fit. But, again, a final consideration is your present PCM is of course working from a particular complements of sensors, and a specific engine wiring harness, so long as the wiring harness to the new engine as well as all sensors, controls, and air induction, not to mention the fuel injectors, are all IDENTICAL in specification and function to what you have it should work.

Of course, to ensure that, it is possible to simply transfer the injectors, sensors, and controls from your present engine to your new engine.

Basically, everything your present PCM controls on your present engine has to be the same "complement" that appears on the replacement engine. The foregoing is what you have to be cognizant of. If you need assistance with installation or start up, by all means feel free to contact YourMechanic to obtain the services of a certified mechanic in your local area. My car has miles. My car has an automatic transmission. Kevin Gainer Automotive Mechanic.

Thank Kevin. Was this answer helpful? Thank you for your feedback! Sorry about that. Why wasn't this information helpful? The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. Please see our terms of service for more details. Related Questions. Is it likely if a water pump fails that so does high pressure power steering hose? I just had my tires changed and now my abs light is on by Kellie B.

EJ25 Performance Engine Parts

Alarm system on; car won't start by Lisa A. Propeller sound from under the car but only when driving in a straight line. How do I view Gauge mode?Updated: Aug 9, Long before the WRX was introduced to the United States for the model year, the Japanese were enjoying turbo boxer power in their Imprezas. These old Japanese Domestic Market JDM Subarus are now several decades old, and many have been retired from the road with less thankm on the odometer. Because of this, there is a large supply of inexpensive JDM engines available from importers on Ebay and Craigslist.

JDM engines are a popular choice for those looking to give their Subaru more power on a reasonable budget. Here at iWire, we often get questions from customers who are looking to swap their stock Subaru engine for a JDM turbo engine.

While Japanese-market motors are often less expensive than equivalent US-market motors, there are things to consider before purchasing a JDM motor. Here's how to identify each motor, and the pros and cons of using it in your swap:.

The EJ20G is considered to be a good engine, but it is old. Most of the plastics will be deterioratingthe wiring will probably be stiff and brittleand there will be no way to pass this engine through emissions testing. Tuning options for these engines are limited, and replacement parts are difficult to find. Identifying marks: 90 degree bend at the turbocharger inlet.

Coil-on-plug ignition system. You can tell the difference between V1 and V2 with the connector on the underside of the throttle body. V1 uses 3 smaller plugs for camshaft position, crankshaft position, and the knock sensor while V2 combines these into a single 12 pin connector.

Subaru EJ20X & EJ20Y Engines

Essential accessories: Sensor group that is located on the strut tower bracket passenger side for left hand drive countries ; mass airflow sensor with housing. Despite an excellent-flowing head design, these engines are known for bottom end bearing problems. The EJ20K can make excellent power when the shortblock is rebuilt and the heads are paired with a standalone engine management system.

05 Legacy GT EJ20 Dual AVCS Walkthrough

Identifying marks: Hard line for idle air control valve running on top of engine. Turbocharger inlet runs under intake manifold. Coil pack centered on intake manifold. Smooth valve covers. Identifying marks: Looks similar to EJ20K, but coil pack is offset from center on intake manifold. No hard line for idle air control valve on top.

This is not the case. Tuning JDM engines:. Enduring Solutions - a chip that can be soldered to the ECU board and then reprogrammed with their proprietary software only Version 1 thru 4. Even in the best condition these motors will need serious inspection and reconditioning of wiring, sensors, and vacuum lines.

The end result will be a motor with around hp and few options for tuning to improve that number. Passing emissions with either of these engines is for practical purposes impossible. It is considered reliable and will make around hp. Unfortunately, users have few tuning options on the stock ECU. This conversion requires some work, but allows for a much wider range of tuning options as well as the ability to pass emissions testing.

Below is a cost breakdown of parts for a typical EJ20K conversion:. Breakdown of costs:. These engines are newer, more reliable, and more powerful than older JDM engines.

They also offer advanced tuning options with the stock ECU, and they can pass emissions testing in all 50 states. Buying a JDM Engine?

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