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In evolving configurations, it has been in continuous production since Army as a replacement for the M Goer. By midaround 35, HEMTTs in various configurations had been produced by Oshkosh Defense through new-build contracts and around 13, of these had been re-manufactured. The first prototype HEMTT was completed in Decemberpre-production examples followed during Marchwith the first production vehicles produced in September Over five contract years, 2, vehicles were to be delivered.

Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck

Contract options allowed for up to an additional 5, HEMTTs to be ordered, bringing production totals to 7, vehicles. The bulk of these options were exercised. This contract called for a base quantity of 1, vehicles, with options for an additional 1, vehicles; all contract options were exercised. A supplemental agreement added a further 1, vehicles plus an option for vehicles to the second HEMTT contract in April ; the contract option was exercised.

military 8x8

Army in March The exception was the M, which initially remained at A2 configuration for fleet commonality reasons; there is now an MA4. More than 6, vehicles and trailers could be delivered under this three-year contract.

Oshkosh Defense announced in that it had been awarded a bridge contract to continue production and support of the FHTV.

In Octoberthe U. The original synopsis had been released in July It is understood the aim of the U. On 19 JuneOshkosh Defense announced the U. HEMTT models account for around 75 per cent of the Recap potential, and all work performed under the contract will be completed in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Deliveries will run from to Deliveries are slated for — Deliveries commence in December Deliveries commence in FY To be Recapitalized, used vehicles are returned to Oshkosh where they are stripped to the frame rails, and then fully rebuilt to like-new condition.

Recapitalized vehicles are assembled on the same production line as new vehicles, and put through the same performance tests and inspection procedures as new vehicles. Recap'd vehicles are returned to the Army with a new bumper-to-bumper warranty and the latest configurations of FHTV include air-conditioned and armor-ready cabs, electrical upgrades and anti-lock brakes.

The HEMTT's objective is to provide heavy transport capabilities for supply and re-supply of combat vehicles and weapons systems. Compared to earlier generation 5-ton trucks in U. Army service it offers increased payload and mobility.

The HEMTT was developed from the outset as a tactical truck, but to minimize procurement and life cycle costs included militarized commercial automotive components where possible, these including the engine and transmission. Marine Corps. Bolted construction with Grade 8 bolts is used throughout.We noticed you're using an unsupported browser which may result in limited or no functionality for portions of our website.

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8-Wheeled Military Vehicles

Advertise Contact Us Sign up Login. Advanced Search. Results Shown: 12 24 48 72 Call for Price. Get Financing. Stock :. Back To Top.Unlike four-wheel drive drivetrains, the configuration is largely confined to heavy-duty off-road and military vehicles, such as all-terrain vehicles, armored vehiclesand prime movers. Other types of smaller 8x8 vehicles include such things as the Argocat.

When such a vehicle only has eight wheels by definition all are driven. Very occasionally, on the Sterling T26 for example, the two front axles can be fitted with ganged "dual" wheels. On some vehicles, usually recovery trucks or heavy tractor unitsthe rear two axles will have wider single tires than the front two axles. Most eight-wheel drive trucks have two forward axles and two at the rear, with only the front pair steering.

Occasionally a single front axle and three rear tridem are seen, an example being the Oshkosh M tank transporter. In such configurations, the front and rear axle usually steer.

Many wheeled armored vehicles have an 8x8 driveline, and on these the axles which usually have independent suspension are more evenly spaced. Latest generation 8x8 wheeled armored vehicles have steering on the rearmost fourth axle to improve mobility in urban and confined situations. In the case of both truck and armored vehicle applications, drive may be limited to the rear two axles for on-road use, this reducing driveline stress and tire wear, and increasing fuel efficiency.

Eliicathe eight-wheeled electric car of Hiroshi Shimizu. The Oshkosh M HET is unusual in that while an 8x8 it has a single driven front axle, and a driven rear tridem. On most wheeled armoured 8x8s the front two axles steer, although on current generation offerings it is becoming more common for the rear axle to contra-steer, this improving maneuverability in confined spaces.

It is not unusual for longer wheelbase trucks with four axles to have greater spacing between the front axle pair the steering axlesas this helps reduce turning circle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kynos Aljaba 8x8 tank transporter tractor with wide-footprint tyres.

Boxer APC; note the single tyres and near-equal spacing of the front and rear wheel pairs. This 8x8 fire truck is unusual in that it steers by frame articulation. Retrieved Archived from the original on Car design. Hot rod Lead sled Lowrider Street rod T-bucket. Compact executive Executive Personal. Compact Mini. Front Mid Rear. Portal Category Template:EC car classification.

Modern wheeled infantry fighting vehicles and armoured personnel carriers. Categories : Car layouts. Hidden categories: All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from June Commons category link is locally defined.The key mission of the HEMTT is to offer heavy transport capabilities for resupply of combat vehicles and weapon systems. The huge payload capacity and off-road capabilities make it a key logistics player.

After the performance of the vehicles started to deteriorate. Under the scheme new and recapitalised vehicles were provided to many high-priority units.

The Avtoros Shaman 8x8 ATV

By about trucks were contracted for recapitalisation. The programme reduced the turnaround to days including shipping time and became a great success. After the R3 programme the vehicles received the designation R1 on their model numbers. The vehicles cleared performance and durability tests over the following 18 months.

It has five cargo trucks, a fuel servicing truck variant, two tractor variants, a load handling system variant, a common bridge transporter variant and a recovery vehicle with cranes and winches. The common features of the variants include front and rear tow eyes, blackout lights, volt electrical systems and rear pintle hooks for towing trailers and artillery.

The cargo variants, the M A2 and M A2 models, are used to carry equipment, mainly ammunition. The rear portions of the vehicles are mounted with cranes that are It is fitted with a crane towards the back of the chassis that has a grove of 2,lbs. The M variant is a bulk liquid transporter fitted with a 2,gal tank and a fuel resupply module. It is used to refuel tracked vehicles, wheeled vehicles and helicopters. The M A2 light equipment transporter LET variant is used to transport light equipments and ammunition.

The M A2 Recovery Truck Wrecker variant is a 10t tactical truck wrecker with a heavy-duty crane and recovery winch. It can recover disabled vehicles in the field in two to three minutes. It is The M A2 load handling system LHS variant is equipped with an Oshkosh Multilift load handling system, which can lift and transport a payload of up to 11t.

HEMTTs can traverse hard terrain while transporting combat vehicles and weapons to the field. HEMTT variants are fitted with power-assisted front tandem steering systems that create wheelbases of 5. They deliver a cruising range of km and can be easily transported in a C or C Georgia Army National Guard parachute riggers from the Marieta-based th Quartermaster Company answered the call to a mission that The crewmembers onboard U. No matter the threat, Marines face it down with ingenuity and determination.

The 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing uses a An explosive ordnance disposal team utilize the light Marine air defense integrated system to detect, disable, and neutralize a The lawsuit alleges that the companies were responsible for manufacturing and supplying a defective valve part. Army scientists have created a reconnaissance drone that soldiers will be able to fire from their 40mm grenade launchers.

military 8x8

Equipment Army Equipment.We have been told that these trucks out perform and outlast the vehicles that replaced them, at a much lower operating cost. You can't buy one half of a pickup truck today for what this vehicle is on sale for. The angle of departure is unlimited. Featuring a Cummins engine, Allison Transmission, 2 speed transfer case and upgraded The M series vehicles are an improved version of the M series. The improvements make M series vehicles more reliable and easier to operate.

The MA2 tractor trucks are equipped with a fifth wheel hitch used to haul a semitrailer over a variety of terrain. This Like New Vehiclle has only 10, miles and under hours. It has Front- and Rear-Axle Steering and This truck is in great operating condition.

It was rebuilt by Oshkosh Corp. This vehicle has been recently serviced and re-conditioned and is in good working condition. While pulling the M semitrailer with a ton kg payload on hard surface roads, the.

While loaded, and entering steep inclines on rough terrain, the ground clearance ramp angle of. Air suspended, non-driving pusher axle which provides a way to change axle loads to comply.

Two hydraulic motor driven cable and drum winch assemblies that pull a tank or similar type. Each winch has an automatic safety brake to stop. A vehicle rating only indicates the maximum amount of cargo weight the vehicle axles and frame can withstand when operating under the worst cross-country conditions. This Beautiful Beast has only 14, miles and hours. Quality is Job One!! Oshkosh Equipment Sales goes the extra mile to make your vehicle stand out from the rest.

Many parts and components of your vehicle are replaced or re-built regardless of condition. We know you want your equipment to work for you trouble free for a long time, and we take steps to help guarantee that it does. You will find we excel in the market with very high standards and un-matched quality, service and support.

Our experienced crew is here to work for you All drive train gear boxes and axles are drained, inspected and re-filled with new fluids. Any weeping or leaking seals are replaced if there is any sign of leakage in the past. When applicable, the tires on the vehicles are upgraded to the Single Configuration improving top speed, traction and floatation.

This wheel configuration also eliminates packing of mud or clay between the dual wheels on the rear. The rest of the vehicle is checked and inspected to insure all gauges, instruments, controls and lighting are all fully operational.

A full road test is then done to ensure the vehicle is up to OES standards. The vehicle is then sanded and painted inside, outside and underneath to protect from the elements these vehicles encounter throughout their lifetime. We know you have other choices in the market and work hard to make VALUE our number one concern so you can go to work with your vehicle instead of working on your vehicle.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to working for you and I am confident you will find the value in our products. Military Tractor Trucks for sale.In the Bundeswehr planned to replace its fleet of vehicles which at the time still stemmed from the time the Army had been founded.

The Bundsewehr desired amphibious two- three- and four-axle vehicles in the 4 to 10 ton payload range. On 12 AugustBWB drafted its second generation requirements. Specification of the next generation called for mostly standard commercial vehicles with unlimited cross-country mobility, amphibious, with permanent all-wheel drivelow-pressure run flat tiresa steel cab, NBC protectiona multifuel engine, and a minimum service life of ten years.

Because procurement costs would have run too high and NATO established a new standard, the amphibious, NBC and multifuel capabilities were subsequently cancelled and requirements were re-drafted again.

However, even this 'trimmed-down' version was too expensive for comprehensive procurement. After further deliberations it was decided to procure a smaller number of the specialised, newly developed high-mobility trucks and supplement them with a number of near-standard trucks.

This meant the army procured six different new truck models, initially three of them in the high-mobility off-road category. On 4 Decemberthe Bundeswehr and MAN signed the procurement contract covering the delivery of the special military trucks, now split even further into two more categories.

The original intention was to build a family of logistics vehicles which could carry full loads across severe terrain whilst keeping up with modern main battle tanks. The first model produced was 8x8 ; 6x6 and 4x4 variants followed. The tractor was configured with a fifth wheel to tow the erector launcher, an Atlas Maschinen GmbH 8-ton crane for handling missile components and a 30 kW generator to power the erector launcher.

The M was configured as a recovery vehicle with a Rotzler recovery unit, earth spades, Atlas Maschinen GmbH AK M5 crane, and carriers for two erector launcher spare tires. The tractor was configured with a fifth wheel to tow the launcher, a 2-ton material handling crane and a self-recovery winch.

The M was also configured as a prime mover and had a tire carrier for a launcher spare tire.


Militarization includes a full blackout lights circuit completely separated from the standard lights, a military instrument layout with blackout option, an emergency stop switch to cut electrical power, a roof hatch with machine gun mount, and rifle brackets. The vehicles are widely known as the " 5- 7-,Tonner ", which denotes their military payload class maximum load in metric tons.

All trucks of the KAT 1 and follow-on series share a modular design. They have a torsionally rigid box-section frame with rigid hub-reduction axles linked to the frame via coil springs. The engine is mounted inside the forward-control cab, which is separated into a driver and engine compartment by a firewall. As a distinctive feature, the engine is located to the rear of the driver compartment instead of beneath it. This way, the total height could be kept below 2.

The characteristic, cut-away corners of the otherwise box-shaped cab ensure compliance with the railway loading gauge. The cab of early production examples does not tilt forward for maintenance because the vehicles were still based on the amphibious prototypes.M, M, M, M, M and more.

The walls of the van expand out to form office or storage space and the interior of this unit looks like new. It is wired up with outlets and lights and has a passenger side access door with a step ladder. Fully Reconditioned, the truck runs and drives like it did right out of the factory.

The odometer shows only 12, miles! Hold on This one has the Big Power! This powertrain makes them extremely popular. It is a 6x6 with a 2-speed transfer case so have all your 4X4 friends over for a litttle truck pull! It has been fully reconditioned and is ready to go! These trucks are in high demand as High-Water Rescue Vehicles and don't last long, so give us a call today! This vehicle has only 32, miles and 80 hours. This truck has been fully reconditioned and is ready to be put to work! Powered by a 8.

military 8x8

This is an incredible example of an MA2 with a winch!. It sits tall on Michelin Super Singles, is powered by the ever reliable Cummins 8. It is ready for high water, mud, snow, sand or rough terrain. It's 6-Wheel Drive but if you get it stuck, who cares? Hook up the winch and keep on moving!

We regularly sell these trucks as High Water Rescue vehicles to various state and local agencies, hospitals, municipalities and many others.

military 8x8

This one won't last long, so give us a call today! No kidding, this truck is in new condition and is ready to be put to work! These trucks are VERY hard to find and don't last long. Equipped with a Rockwell 2-Speed transfer case and six wheel drive. The cargo bed storage area measures 14 feet long by 93 inches wide and has fold down sides for easy loading and unloading. The 5-ton, 6x6, M series trucks are tactical vehicles designed for use over all types of roads.

A five-speed manual transmission and a two-speed transfer provide 10 overall speed ranges. This vehicle has only 45, miles and hours. This truck was re-manufactured by Oshkosh Truck Corporation in and has only Only Miles and Operating Hours since re-build. Equipped with a Rotating Crane for loading and Unloading Cargo. This truck has just been fully serviced and is in Excellent Condition.

See Specs Below. Able to ford water up to 48 in.

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